NOTE: The website will no longer be regularly updated, but you can read background information here: Danicom Communications & Development is based in Denmark but operates all over the world through a rich network of media development experts and specialists in development communication. Danicom’s mission is To promote development of human resources and intercultural understanding through participatory use of media and communication in the development process.

Danicom is a Private Limited Company (ApS). The management comprises two Senior Consultants with expertise in Communication and Media Planning and Development. The Secretariat comprising the Managers and support staff undertakes all tasks related to project development, quality assurance, project administration and financial control.

Danicom was established in 1987 as a division of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). In 199 it became a private company but kept the cooperation with DR. It has provided training and consulting services to development programmes and projects in more than 25 different countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Decentralization of MRTV

March 8, 2016

Since late 2014 Danicom has been working with the Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA) on decentralization of MRTV, the national broadcaster of Myanmar. MRTV has more than 3.000…

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Production of the film "More Than Water"

In January 2012 the EU-ACP Water Facility wanted a film and four brochures to be ready for an international conference in France only seven weeks later…….In theory…

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B2B cooperation with Radio Breeze

June 16, 2015

Radio Breeze in Chipata in the Eastern Region of Zambia is one of the most successful community stations in the African Continent. Danicom had a chance to…

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