The idea about Danicom was born in Sri Lanka in 1979 when UNESCO and Danida established the Mahaweli Community Radio on the initiative of Mr Knud Ebbesen, who was a radio technician in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).
The Mahaweli radio was established to facilitate the resettlement of more than one million Sri Lankans as part of a big irrigation project.

The philosophy in the Sri Lankan project was that participatory communication could help minimize social problems and support development – and that is this still the foundation of Danicom.
The company was formally started as a division of DR in 1987 with the mission to use the expertise of DR to support development in the poorest countries around the world.

In 2000 Danicom became a private company but we can still use the expertise of the staff and management of DR. And we continue to have projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and we organise tailor made training courses in Denmark and abroad.
For more detail on some of our more recent projects, please see below.

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Decentralization of MRTV

March 8, 2016

Since late 2014 Danicom has been working with the Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA) on decentralization of MRTV, the national broadcaster of Myanmar. MRTV has more than 3.000 staff members in…

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Production of the film "More Than Water"

In January 2012 the EU-ACP Water Facility wanted a film and four brochures to be ready for an international conference in France only seven weeks later…….In theory that was not…

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B2B cooperation with Radio Breeze

June 16, 2015

Radio Breeze in Chipata in the Eastern Region of Zambia is one of the most successful community stations in the African Continent. Danicom had a chance to contribute to this…

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Yemen - Support to Local Radio

From 2008 to 2014 Danicom supported ten local radio stations under the Yemen General Corporation for Radio and TV (YGCRTV). The project was part of the Joint Media Development Programme…

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East Africa

Support to community radios in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

June 17, 2015

Danicom was responsible for the journalistic and technical training of three community radio stations in Terrat in Tanzania (Radio ORS), Kagadi in Uganda (KKCR) and Radio Mangelete in Kenya. The…

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Support to the Parliament in Bhutan

June 15, 2015

Development of a nationwide communication strategy for the National Assembly. Financed by Danida.

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