B2B cooperation with Radio Breeze

Radio Breeze in Chipata in the Eastern Region of Zambia is one of the most successful community stations in the African Continent. Danicom had a chance to contribute to this success via cooperation in 2010-2011 under the Danida B2B programme.
Radio Breeze is founded by the legendary Mike Daka, who has been a leading figure in the Zambian media for decades. When he retired from from the training institution Zamcom he wanted to test his theories about media management in practice, and he started the station in Chipata, which at that time was a small provincial town in a very rural area. The local supermarket was the biggest company in the entire area.
Mike decided to run the community radio as a commercial station but with self-imposed public service obligations of impartiality, fairness and coverage of all types of stories.
Danicom contributed to the success via training of the staff and streamlining of the technical set-up.

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